Tort law stella liebeck report

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McDonald's legal cases

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Because of this, the whole need only prove that delicate or damages occurred, and that the other is responsible. Tort law refers to the set of laws that provides remedies to individuals who have suffered harm by the unreasonable acts of another.

Tort law is based on the idea that people are liable for the consequences of their actions, whether intentional or accidental, if they cause harm to another person or entity. This is a fiercely debated, much cited case in favor of tort reform. Stella Liebeck, 79, spilled her super-heated McDonalds coffee on her lap while drinking in her car.

This is a fiercely debated, much cited case in favor of tort reform.

McDonald's legal cases

Stella Liebeck, 79, spilled her super-heated McDonalds coffee on her lap while drinking in her car. McDonald's has been involved in a number of lawsuits and other legal cases in the course of the fast food chain's year history.

Many of these have involved trademark issues, but McDonald's has also launched a defamation suit which has been described as "the biggest corporate PR disaster in history". Jun 30,  · Cory L. Andrews is Senior Counsel, Litigation Division, for Washington Legal Foundation.

Before joining WLF, Mr. Andrews was an appellate attorney at the law. Business law is a broad area of law. It covers many different types of laws and many different topics.

This lesson explains generally what business law is and how it's used.

Tort law stella liebeck report
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