The matchlock gun book report

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Edmonds, Walter D. The Matchlock Gun. Illus. Paul Lantz. New York: Putnam Juvenile, During the French and Indian War, a young boy living in New York must protect his mother and sister with his father's gun.

This stirring tale of a small boy, his mother and younger sister, and an antique matchlock gun, is based on a true story.

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Timeline: Weapons technology. Developments include the matchlock, which eliminates the need to fire a gun with a hand-held match; the musket; and the naval mine. A US government report.

Preview of The Matchlock Gun Summary: Based on an actual historical incident, The Matchlock Gun is a thrilling adventure story about self-preservation and the protection of. The year wasand New York State was still a colony.

Residents were often subjected to raids from the French and the Indians. When Edward's father had to go away to watch for a raid from the north, he left Edward in charge of his mother and sister Trudy. The Matchlock Gun by Walter D. Edmonds. InNew York was a British colony with French-Indian uprising a constant threat to Edward and his family.

InNew York was a British colony with French-Indian uprising a constant threat to Edward and his family.

The matchlock gun book report
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