Report on farmer suicide

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Why are America's farmers killing themselves in record numbers?

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The study of suicide by occupation drew much media coverage, but whether farmers die by suicide more than other groups remains unclearFounded: Sep 18, Farmer suicides account for % of all suicides in India. Farmer suicide in India is the intentional ending of one's life by a person dependent on farming as their primary source of livelihood.

Regardless of what happened, the media’s main takeaway from the report—that farmers have the highest suicide rate in the country—is not supported by the study’s underlying data.

This mistake has already had real-world consequences: despite research showing that agricultural workers have exceptionally high rates of mental distress. Recent data on spiking suicide rates in farmers have been retracted, but advocates say ag biz faces a crisis not seen in 30 years.

"Farmer stress right now is extremely high, the farm economy Founded: Sep 18, NEW DELHI: There has been an upward trend in cases of farmer suicides in Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka and Punjab recently, besides reporting of instances in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil. Ex-Playboy Model Says RNC Leader Abused Her: Report.

When, Where to Watch Florida vs. Kentucky Tonight. People started talking about farmer suicide during the s farm crisis.

Article on Farmers Suicides in India

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Report on farmer suicide
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Article on Farmers Suicides – Long and short articles for students