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Internship Report on Banglalink Telesales Essay Sample

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Interns will be required to submit a report on his/her assigned project after completion of their 3-month internship program. A letter of internship completion will be issued to them after successful submission & evaluation of report.

This report is the result of three months internship at BANGLALINK. I worked as an internee in BANGLALINK from June 2 to august 10 In addition, I have completed this internship.

The internship made on Banglalink and its competitor’s advantages. I have tried to cover external and internal factors of Banglalink compare to other telecom companies. This is a great honor to me to submit the internship report on the topic “Telesales Practice & Prospect of Banglalink” as per Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program requirement.

This program provides me practical knowledge about Real Estate business sector in Bangladesh. Internship Report On “Telesales Practice & Prospect of Banglalink” SUPERVISED BY Mohammad Mizanur Rahman Lecturer Department of Business Administration Manarat International University PREPARED BY Sabrina Sazrin Department of Business Administration MANARAT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Date of Submission: 12th September LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL 12th.

Internship Report on Banglalink. 0. Free Essays. This is specially so if Bangladesh intends to participate and coexist economically and socially in a larger information-intensive world.

There were only 3, users when mobile phone was an expensive personal gadget of the society’s affluent segment. Competition was introduced in

Internship report on banglalink
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Internship Report on Competitors’ Advantage of Banglalink - Assignment Point