How to write a referee report economics

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5. When you write a negative report, avoid citing your own papers o Like animals, referees often leave their marks in their reports. o If you vote against publication, do not cite your papers. Someday the author will become a referee and return the "favor" in the next round.

o The paradox of refereeing is this: When you are a referee, you are the expert. In Scorecasting, University of Chicago behavioral economist Tobias Moskowitz teams up with veteran Sports Illustrated writer L.

Jon Wertheim to overturn some of the most cherished truisms of sports, and reveal the hidden forces that shape how basketball, baseball. Department of Economics Guidelines for your Referee’s Report In the course of this class, you will be asked to write two (2) referee reports on assigned papers that are at the “working paper” stage.

As you pursue a career as a professional economist. One year ago today, Alice Wu’s research about sexism at an online economics forum made the news.

I was home in Indiana on vacation when I noticed my Twitter feed getting agitated. And yes, I got sucked in too. Down the rabbit hole of EJMR, yikes.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec Knowledge about PESTLE topic and expectations prior to the class. I understand that BE refers to external factors and that enterprises have to take into account to their strategic and operational planning processes for success.

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How to write a referee report economics
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