How consumer differentiation between store and

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Positioning & Differentiation Strategies of Marketing

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Within each segment, consumers are homogeneous with respect to taste and heterogeneous with respect to valuation. How we perceive customers at different stages in the decision and buying process has led to a distinction between the consumer and the shopper which has inevitably led to differing opinions on how this should affect the marketing process and whether this is the correct approach.

Every convenience-store brand should focus on the five areas of differentiation that our survey shows will be important to consumers in the foreseeable future. These are cleanliness and safety, speed and ease, friendliness, fuel price (for brands that offer fuel), and location and convenience.

Consumer products are products that you and I use. The car that is used to take you from place to place is an example of a consumer good.


The television set that you use to watch programs is also. Keywords: store choice, store format choice, differentiation, shopper behavior 1. The relationship between store attributes and retail format choice is also examined in the literature (Carpenter & and retail store formats (Q2).

Secondly, we conducted a consumer survey based on a structured questionnaire aimed to measure the consumers. “store inside of a store” concepts and reduction the average U.S. consumer household fell % between andor $1, per household • Price differentiation across categories between online and store-based retail models.

• Walmart has a strong advan.

How consumer differentiation between store and
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