Get a book published

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Aiming to get that first book published

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Publishing Your Book

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11 Tips on Getting Your Book Published

Find an Agent Traditional aspects don't normally accept new book projects without lagoons from an agent, according to publishing reality Jane Friedman. Become A Published Author Your book is your passion, and you've spent months, maybe even years finishing it.

After all this time imagine holding the first copy of your book in your hands and it's exactly how you envisioned it - we can make that dream come true. Every book we publish is distributable worldwide to over 39, retailers, libraries, schools and online retailers including, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Apple iTunes.

Our authors are very proud to have published with us - here is what a few have to say. The basics, How books are made, Getting a book published, Being an illustrator, Getting work experience, Training in illustration, Illustration studios, Starting to freelance, Approaching publishers, Getting paid, Illustration agents, Illustration assignments, Materials & media, Other sources of advice.

This is a unique identifier for your book, providing publishing information and giving retailers a way to report your book’s sales. Bookstores cannot sell your book unless you’ve got one. Important: You will need a separate ISBN for eBooks and printed books if you are publishing both.

Apr 14,  · But, you get what you pay for, so you may get a published product that does not have much commercial value. Your book may be available for order through bookstores, but rarely stocked on the shelves in the store%(47).

10 Winning Marketing Strategies for Your Self-Published Book

Jul 17,  · Getting your Book Published for Dummies is an easy to use reference that will guide you through the publishing industry, introducing you to the key roles and breaking down the various stages of a books development from idea to published product/5(6).

Get a book published
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