Biology 205 lab report 1 proteus

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George McMichael, California State University, Hayward Story of the Bad Little Boy Disgraceful Persecution of a Boy Sociable Jimmy Proteus FROM Newsreel XLIII The Body of an American ABSTRACT The objective of these series of experiments was to identify an unknown bacterium. Broth culture #8 was randomly selected and subjected to qualitative tests for taxonomic identification.

Each experiment served to help eliminated and match the unknown culture to a culture worked with in a lab. A gram stain was performed in which the unknown was gram positive%(85). Lab practical microbiology study guide. САЙТ ЗНАКОМСТВ И О ЗНАКОМСТВАХ.

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Acid-Fast Stain- Principle, Procedure, Interpretation and Examples

HOW TO WRITE AN UNKNOWN LAB REPORT IN MICROBIOLOGY GENERAL UNKNOWN LAB REPORT # 1 This information should be centered and at the bottom part of the title page: UNKNOWN LETTER (OR NUMBER) YOUR NAME Citrobacter freundii Proteus vulgaris Enterobacter aerogenes Proteus mirabilis.

Microbiology ^ ] v P Æ Ä Å Æ Major Unknown Report Suzanne Ricca - Lab #22 Gram (+) Unknown #13 – Bacillus subtilis Gram (-) Unknown #13 – Proteus Unknown Report.

Biology 205 lab report 1 proteus
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Microbiology Unknown Lab Report Examples